To-Go Food Containers: Hinged vs. Unhinged Lids

To-Go Food Containers: Image of neon take out service signs. Text above image reads "To-Go Food Containers".

Who doesn’t love great to-go food containers? These boxes are every customer’s best friend because they save the day when it’s time to leave a restaurant but half a meal is still on the plate. It isn’t until the waiter returns with a highly durable and efficient to-go food container that this problem is resolved. These boxes are responsible for protecting and maintaining the quality of your food, keeping them delicious until they reach their final destination and even a few days after that.

Also, with delivery service trends on the rise, your foodservice operation will need to be equipped with the right resources (ahem, to-go food containers) to keep customers using their favorite apps to order late-night entrees or afternoon snacks from your place of business.

So, the next time you spot to-go food containers in your restaurant’s storage closet, be sure to thank it for its ability to retain insulation and provide a spill-proof, securely locking lid. It’s these qualities that ensure your customers are able to enjoy their leftovers once they get home.

However, one quality often forgotten when businesses are shopping for the right take-out container is whether or not they want a hinged or unhinged lid. At this very moment, you might be wondering what the difference between the two even is. If this is indeed you, then you’re in the right place because down below you’ll find a guide that differentiates hinged lids from unhinged lids. While both are beneficial for providing customers with a great product, there are subtle differences that can be a strong determining factor for your restaurant. Read on for further clarification.

Hinged Lid To-Go Food Containers:

To-Go Food Containers: Hinged vs. Unhinged Lids: Image of Dart 3-Compartment Foam Box

Hinged lids are attached to their designated to-go food containers. This means you can open or close take-out boxes with one swift motion, saving your team from having to search for matching lids.

Additional perks include:

-Often have interlocking tabs for an additional seal

-Convenient for on-the-go dining

-Better at preserving temperature

-Allows for quick and easy opening or closing


Unhinged Lid To-Go Food Containers:

To-Go Food Containers: Image of Fineline Round Dome Lid 74045.

Unhinged lids are unattached to their designated to-go food containers. This means the container’s lid may be sold separately and needs to be attached manually for secure locking.

Additional perks include:

-Separating lid provides a second serving dish great for distributing or sharing food

-Fuss-free; no obtrusive attached lid

-Easier storage