Liquid Hand Soap Scent Guide: Top Scented Products

Liquid Hand Soap Scent Guide. Image of orange slices. Text reads "Liquid Hand Soap".

Hunting down the perfect liquid hand soap for your surroundings is a difficult task. With so many brands, colors, formulations, and packaging variations to choose from, it’s nearly impossible deciding which is the right one to add to your shopping cart. Here at Supplize, we want to make sure your handwashing experience is a joyous one.

Yes, washing your hands with soap and water is critical for shielding skin from the unsuspecting germs and bacteria hiding beneath the surface of practically everything that surrounds us. But shouldn’t handwashing also offer a little bit more? It doesn’t matter if you’re stocking up the restroom dispensers at your office or refilling your bathroom counters at home. Make the next 20 seconds you spend lathering your skin with hand soap an exciting one — or at least one that comes with a delightfully pleasant scent. Read on to learn about some of our best-smelling hand soaps that will hopefully bring as much joy to your nostrils as they do sanitation to your hands.

The Best Smelling Liquid Hand Soap for your Home or Office

1. NCL White Pearl Luxurious Hand Cleaner and Body Wash

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NCL’s White Pearl Luxurious Hand Cleaner is just that: a luxurious liquid hand soap packed with a rich fragrance that successfully manages to steer clear of becoming one of those overpowering soaps you regret buying. Its sweet-smelling undertones are perfect for restaurants or households looking for a gentle clean.

2. NCL Foam Safe Foaming Hand Cleaner 

Liquid Hand Soap Scent Guide. Image of Foam Hand Cleaner 1 Gallon EA.

Got kids? Are you perhaps a daycare owner or teacher that spends a great deal of their time around children? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that NCL’s Foam Safe Foaming Hand Cleaner is all the rage among youngsters. There’s something about its crisp apple scent that’s both delectable and fun. Foam Safe is also strong enough to keep you protected from harmful germs that populate easily in schools and daycares.

3. NCL Pink Lotion Pure Coconut-Oil Lotionized Hand Soap

Liquid Hand Soap Scent Guide. Image of Hand Soap 1 Gallon Almond EA.

Pink Lotion Pure Coconut Oil Lotionized Hand Soap is formulated with such a soft fragrance, it’s hard not to want to stock it in any dispenser in any setting. Coconut offers a whiff of tropical sensation that soothes your senses and briefly drifts you away into tranquility. Enjoy it before your 20 seconds are up and it’s back to reality.

4. Citrus Spice Foaming Advanced Antibacterial Hand Soap with Aloe and Vitamin E

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A small amount is all you need to enjoy the spicy, sweet fragrance of Citrus Spice Antibacterial Soap. Orange cinnamon might be an unusual combination for some, but it certainly has a meaningful purpose in providing a non-irritating odor in this germ-eliminating lather. Handwashing is often considered a mundane task we’ve been scolded to do since we were adolescents, but Citrus Spice will certainly make the effort seem like easygoing pampering for your skin.

5. Defend Anti-Microbial Hand Cleaner with Triclosan

Liquid Hand Soap Scent Guide. Image of NCL Hand Cleaner w/ Triclosan 1 Gal Cherry Almond EA.

With NCL’s Defend Anti-Microbial Hand Cleaner you get the best of both worlds: a delicious burst of cherry and almond that’s refreshing as well as formulated to scrub deep within your skin. Each pump is the gift of a decadent lather that will keep your hands feeling clean and smelling positively divine.